Actors interpret ancient Lambayeque rulers to attract visit to museums

They interpreted the Lord of Sipán, the Lord of Sican, the Priestess of Chornancap and the last Inca ruler of Tucume and went to modern shopping centers to encourage citizens to visit their exhibition sites this May 18th. the International Day of Museums.

The city of Chiclayo was chosen to make the presentation of the old governors, the shopping center with a high pedestrian presence had the honor of being part of such a great show executed by the Lambayeque 005 Naylamp Execution Unit.

On May 18 of each year the International Museum Day is celebrated since 1977, this initiative was given by the International Council of Museums which is made up of professionals who promote the promotion and protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

The Lambayeque Region has 6 state museums: Bruning Museum, Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipán Museum, Sican Museum, Tucume Museum, Huca Rajada-Sipán and Chotuna-Chornancap.

The whole region represents the cradle of civilization, but there are people of greater relevance for the role played in the fields of politics and religion due to the impressive evidence of funerary tombs, ceremonies.


According to the story, the Lord of Sipán ruled Moche belonging to the third century BC. C, which was discovered and researched by Walter Alva in 1987, which had a significant impact on Peruvian archeology.

The tomb of the Lord of Sipán was the first discovered in perfect conditions by the archaeologists. Today, the remains are exhibited in the Tumbas Reales museum with an impressive collection of valuable artifacts that explain how the Mochica society was. In addition, in the Historical Sanctuary of Pomac, the Lord of Sican was found in excellent condition in the Huca Parrot by Izumi Shimada in 1991.

The discovery and investigation resulted in the National Museum of Sican, which was financed by the Accounting Fund of Peru and Japan.

In 2011, during an investigation at the Archeological Complex Chotuna Chornancap, we learned about the tomb of the Priestess of Chornancap. Research was conducted by Carlos Wester and currently the tomb is exhibited in the Bruning National Archaeological Museum.

Finally, the research conducted by Thor Heyerdahl during the years 1989 and 1994 revealed the last Inca ruler of Tucume that was unearthed from the Huaca Larga, accompanied by 19 weavers and 2 men. Currently exhibited at the Museum of Tucume.

Source: Andina

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