Customers who buy the Peruvian blueberry will be interested in the raspberries

Worldwide, the production of this berry is already at 600 thousand tons, not far from the blueberry. The most appetizing market is fresh, and Peru has a great asset like the Jorge Chávez airport, which is just a few hours away from key destinations. In addition, the crop may be important for the inclusion of inland regions.

(Agraria.pe) Why does raspberry sound so much lately as a possibility not for the future but for the present of the Peruvian agroindustry? There are several factors, but undoubtedly one of the main ones is that it would help to diversify the Peruvian export basket (something very necessary if we look at the problems that the avocado is already facing due to saturation), and, above all, because it would be a realistic alternative for the small producers that do not have large capital to invest as happens, for example, in the blueberry.

Felipe Rosas, spokesperson for the RConsulting Group, highlights those aspects and adds another that would make the road easier: the same customers who buy the Peruvian blueberry today will be interested in acquiring the raspberries that are produced in our country.

“All the companies that import blueberry from Peru are interested in the Peruvian raspberry. Those who transport blueberries buy Mora in Mexico, strawberry in Spain and fresh raspberry in Peru, can make a basket and thus make a contrast that the consumer likes a lot, “he says.

Vertiginous growth

To give an idea of the magnitude of the business, the specialist says that worldwide blueberry production reaches an approximate of 700 thousand tons, while that of raspberries is 600 thousand tons, especially for the appetite that there is for the fresh fruit (also sold in frozen and with other processing, but they are smaller and more complicated markets). Note that a single producer such as Mexico achieves 130 thousand tons of fruit.

Rosas maintains that Peru has an important asset for the business, such as the Jorge Chávez International Airport, which is an excellent hub since it is only 5 and a half hours away from Miami (gateway to the United States) and less than 10 hours from England (another important market that pays very well), which guarantees that the fruit will arrive in perfect condition. Transfers by sea are not yet available because technology still does not allow it.

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