13 Sep

Grape, mango and citrus exports boosted agro-exports between January and July this year

Export sales of fruit amounted to almost US$ 1.9 billion due to increased market demand.

Agro-exports continue their upward trend. In the first seven months of this year (January-July), fruit exports amounted to US$ 1,898 million, highlighting the largest placements of grapes, mangos and citrus fruits, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri).

For example, in terms of fruit exports, the star products that stood out in these months of the year were: fresh grapes US$ 439 million (increase of 23%); fresh mangos US$ 223 million (+21%), frozen mango US$ 104 million (+51%), various citrus fruits US$ 109 million (+48%) and tangerines US$ 42 million (+34%), among others.

In this period, there is also a growing international demand for various citrus fruits in the midst of the global situation of Covid-19, due to its properties to improve people’s immune systems, which has positively boosted our exports to the main markets.

In addition, the products that led the agro-export ranking in that period were: fresh avocados, fresh grapes, fresh mangos, fresh asparagus, frozen mango, unroasted coffee, other citrus fruits, frozen mango, fresh bananas or “Cavendish Valery” type bananas, preparations for animal feed and quinoa; these 10 products together would concentrate 57% of total exports.

However, the crisis that is hitting the world by the new coronavirus has caused a decline in product placements in our agro-export basket. Agricultural exports (January-July) amounted to US$ 3,654 million, which represented a contraction of 3.9% compared to the US$ 3,803 million obtained during the same period of the previous year, due to lower product exports.

Main markets

On the other hand, the main destination countries for Peruvian agricultural exports were the United States, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, England, Chile, Colombia, China, Germany and Canada. These ten countries accounted for 78% of the total FOB value exported.

Trade balance

In the same way, in the January-July period, the agricultural trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 950 million, sustained by the higher values of FOB exports of US$ 3,654 million, as opposed to what was registered for agricultural imports which in FOB value totaled US$ 2,704 million.

On the other hand, contractions were observed in the import values of hard yellow corn US$ 419 million (-6%), crude soybean oil US$ 186 million (-5%), soybeans US$ 69 (-23%), mainly.


Source: gob.pe

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