In 2018, the national potato production increased by 6.8%

During 2018, the national production of potatoes reached 5,101,489 tons and in 2017 it was 4,766,294 tons, which represents a growth of 6.8%.

According to Celfia Obregón Ramírez, the Executive Director of the Center for Productive Innovation and Technological Transfer of Potato and other Andean crops (Cite Papa) pointed out that the increase was made by the consumption of potatoes in Peruvian households, which are surpassing 95 kilos per capita.

In declarations, it was highlighted that the main reasons for growth are higher domestic demand and increased consumption.

“The paper industry is a sector that continues to grow. We consume all the potatoes that we produce and, according to the import figures, we still have a demand that is not satisfied by the national production, which means that processed potatoes have to be imported “.

Additionally, I point out that the agrarian actors involved are not making decisions to take advantage of the potential of the potato and continue opting to import processed potatoes from the United States and Europe, when what they could do is develop their own agro-industry through increased productivity and technifying the field. Which represents a great challenge and work for the actors of the potato production chain with respect to the goals that should be set. Also, I point out that there are key aspects, since the potato is the most important sector in Peruvian agriculture, being the first product in volume of production volume as well as the generation of jobs. At least 700 thousand families are dedicated to the cultivation of potatoes and represent a population of around three million people dedicated to the production of potatoes and other Andean crops.


The Cite Papa and the Agrarian Commission of the Congress of the Republic will give a conference “Towards a national agenda of the potato to 2021”. The whole conference aims to promote the creation of a work plan for the productive modernization of the potato, new uses and consumption and the emergence of a processed products industry, involving different approaches: legislative, scientific, technical -normative, financial, commercial chain and consumption promotion.

Source: Agraria

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