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Lambayeque: The last woman Mochica of the elite is unearthed

In the Lambayeque region, in the archaeological site of the Huaca Santa Rosa de Pucala, a ceremonial burial chamber of the last woman in the elite Mochica was unveiled. The discovery dates to the late Middle Horizon (Santa Rosa 4) A. D 900-1000.

The information was made known by the director of the archaeological project, Edgar Bracamonte who in statements also detailed that the burial occurred after the collapse of a D-shaped structure unearthed in September of last year.

On the other hand, he mentioned that “The funerary chamber with adobe walls has a roof supported by carob beams, cane coffins, 204 miniature pots, metal objects, two jars decorated in a pictorial way, and many offerings, in addition to a companion male”

Everything seemed to indicate that the camera did not belong to the Mochica culture. However, it was proven that it was the Mochica style. That is, some elites with the same relevance were still present after the fall of the Moche, so that important people were buried in the same way. That is awesome”.

“This tomb exemplifies all the characteristics of Sipan’s Mochica culture, the most recent of its kind reported in the Lambayeque Valley,” said Bracamonte.

This may explain the existence of members of the local elite with undeniable Mochica patterns, different from other burials.

These types of goods, which are found inside the coffins, reflect the loss of power, but the preservation of a social prestige or the transformation of the content in the tombs of the former members of the Mochica elite.

Source: Andina

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