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Nazca: Tourist Attractions that you will love

The province of Nazca is located in the region of Ica, founded on October 28, 1548.During the colonial period Nazca became known for the production of wine and brandy what we currently call Pisco. 

Today, the small city presents several attractions that are little known but in this opportunity we will undertake a trip to appreciate its spectacular landscapes under the rays of the sun.

Below are the main tourist attractions that we can visit in Nazca:

    • San Fernando National Reserve: Located 70km southwest of Nazca, with more than 154,000 hectares, this wonderful ecosystem has coastal hills, forests and desert. The peculiarity of the reserve is that it receives the visit of diverse animals of the Peruvian highlands such as condors and guanacos that arrive to feed themselves.

    • Maria Reiche Museum House: 20 minutes from the province of Nazca at kilometer 421 of the Panamericana Sur there is the house Museum of the Archaeologist studious of the Nazca Lines. Inside the facilities you can see maps, plans as well as unpublished photos of the investigation of the famous lines.
    • Cantalloc Aqueduct: The ancient Nazcas were aware of the dryness of the desert and that water was a necessary resource. That is why, they built an aqueduct, and said hydraulic engineering work was carried out with huarango trunks.
    • Cahuachi Ceremonial Center: It is located 24 kilometers southwest of the province of Nazca, is composed of two adobe pyramids, mud patio, terrace with roofed enclosures and huge rooms. Today, it is researched by archaeologists and is one of the most important complexes in Nazca.
    • Necropolis of Chauchilla: With a quantity of 13 tombs corresponding to the Nazca Culture, said culture stood out for its way of embalming its dead that became mummies wrapped in textiles and adorned with ceramics, these presented a perfect state of conservation to despite the antiquity.
    • Lines and geoglyphs of Nazca and Palpa: The most famous attraction of the city is the Nazca lines and geoglyphs located at kilometer 425 of the Pan-American Highway South. Among the most outstanding drawings we have the hummingbird, the monkey and the spider. In order to observe them, it is recommended to do it aboard a small plane.

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