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New data on Chayhuac-an funeral platform in Chan Chan

In recent statements, researchers from the Ministry of Culture in charge of the funeral platform of the walled complex of Chayhuac An, located in the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex announced that there would be a new thesis.

The studies showed that the Chayhuac An platform was built during the period of the Chimu culture 1000 years A.D. and that no funeral architecture was recorded on the south side of the recess. But nevertheless; it can be modified and we would be faced with a new definition of the thesis of researcher Geoffrey Conrad.

Conrad was one of the participants of the mission of the Chan Chan Project – Moche Valley of Harvard University in the year of 1970, in which excavations and important findings were made on the use of the walled Complexes of the Chimu culture.

Currently, new research has revealed that the Chayhuac platform was not on the south side but north and that it was built during middle Chimu.


Chayhuac An records a constructive sequence of two different moments of occupation of the site: a first moment, where there was no record of funerary constructions, dating from the early Chimu era; and the other obeys the middle moment, where funerary structures are built. In addition, the Chayhuac An funerary enclosure is configured by the main platform and additional ones inside the perimeter; however, at a later time, additional platforms are registered outside the west and north of the funeral perimeter.
Currently, the Ministry of Culture executes two research projects in Chayhuac An, one focused on the north side where the funerary complex has been found, and the other to the south, where a large platform is located, which was also built in Chimu medium and is associated with ceremonial activities that included camelid offerings; However, as mentioned, it does not present evidence that it is a funeral platform, said Nadia Gamarra Carranza, director of the Pecach Research, Conservation and Value Program.

Source: Turiweb

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