25 Jun

Peru becomes the main supplier of Hass avocado for Europe

– In the recent weeks, shipments to the Old Continent have exceeded two million boxes, according to the Fresh Plaza platform.

– Businessmen highlight the quality of the Peruvian product and the efforts of exporters to guarantee its supply.

Peru became the main supplier of Hass avocado to Europe after covering with massive and quality shipments the high demand for this superfood in the Old Continent, informed the Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Commission (PROMPERU).

Fresh Plaza is one of the most important online platforms for the fresh produce industry at an international level. It was reported that more than 2 million boxes have already been sent during the week 22 of this year. This is a volume considered as the highest for the European market. Despite living in times of pandemic, the need of the population to preserve good health has substantially contributed to increase the demand for avocado in Europe.

Moreover, people are making their purchases once a week, which has increased the acquisition of this product in nets for its later ripening. On the other hand, World Fruit, a fruit marketing and distribution company, highlighted the great effort made by Peruvian exporters to guarantee the supply of avocado with high quality standards and with sizes above those of their competitors, despite the fact that COVID-19 affected the normal development of exports. 

The pandemic has accelerated the change in the habits of international consumers, who, concerned about their health, acquire this superfood, either in stores or through e-commerce to be consumed at home, due to the fact that cafes and restaurants belonging to the Horeca segment are closed. 

It is important to mention that the Peruvian exporting companies comply with the security measures established by the Peruvian government due to the health emergency and have several certifications. Peruvian avocado shipments to Europe between January and March amounted to $64 million, 69% more than what was registered in the same period of 2019 year. The countries showing the highest demand were the Netherlands (+60.2%), Spain (+97.8%) and Russia (+250.3%). DATO Peru is the third largest avocado exporter worldwide. This fruit is among the three main export products of the non-traditional agricultural sector of our country.

Source: Andina

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