Peru: Spectacular Inca performance held in Cusco ahead of Inti Raymi

Thousands of locals and tourists in Cusco enjoyed a spectacular Inca performance Thursday night in advance of the Imperial City’s traditional festivities.
The event took place at the Coricancha Temple open area, located three blocks away from Cusco’s Main Square.

Led by David Ancca —who will star as Inca Pachacutec at the upcoming Inti Raymi re-enactment on June 24— the show was watched from the grandstands placed around the archaeological site’s perimeter.

The Inca’s entourage took the bastion carrying torches under a multicolor illumination that brought a living style to Santo Domingo Church built over the palace.

Afterwards, the Inca ruler made his entrance to salute and disclose that the Inca celebration of Inti Raymi is getting closer.

The scenes were projected on a giant screen, placed near the ceremony area. The best moments included a fire ritual and the drinking of chicha de jora —a corn beer prepared, in this case, with maize grown in the Inca Sacred Valley.

Cusco inhabitants and Peruvians, in general, were invited to join the celebrations of this sacred city, which —he said— is protected by Apus or guardian deities.

“We are so happy with the Sun God’s arrival. We all should rejoice and celebrate with great joy,” the Inca Pachacutec actor said in Quechua (the Incas’ official language).

Ancca took the opportunity to tell the world that the ancient city of Cusco is slipping into party mode.

“Let everybody know Cusco people are happy and we’ll remain so to celebrate on the 24th (of June),” he stated from the Inca temple.

Source: Andina





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