Peru strengthens position in China's travel market with powerful digital campaign

Peru —through its Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru)— has developed a number of activities to remain anchored in the mind of high-spending Chinese vacationers and sustain tourist arrivals from the Asian Giant.

Some of these measures include the implementation of strategies with digital opinion leaders and the creation of accounts on popular social media platforms.

Last year, the Perutravel.cn and PromPeru’s official WeChat account —exclusively developed for China— allowed thousands of Chinese users to explore luxurious, natural, cultural, urban tourism, and adventurous options in the Inca country, based on their demands and preferences.

Similarly, Peru recently opened an account on Weibo —a Chinese social media platform— to feature its impressive landscapes, archaeology, and gastronomy. This tool reinforces the country’s image, destinations, and tourist-oriented activities.

Within the framework of this powerful digital campaign, PromPeru embarked on a journey with two digital opinion leaders —from China— who took photos and shot videos while visiting different sites.

Their material will be used to generate content about Peru and will be shared on the abovementioned digital platforms. These influencers are Hong Zhao and Ziyi Ye.

The visual content also served to add a theme tab to Peru’s official promotional website in China, thus portraying a modern and attractive side of the Andean country.

As is known, 31,408 Chinese citizens visited Peru in 2017, up by 22% from the previous year.

Additionally, the South American country received 6,239 visits from China in the first two months of 2018, posting a 34% rise over the same period last year.





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