Peru’s Lord of Sipan exhibition held in Panama

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez has inaugurated the “Sipan: Northern Peru’s mystery and splendor” exhibition in Panama with the purpose of promoting this important archaeological treasure, boosting tourist arrivals in the Inca country, and strengthening international trade.

As is known, the discovery of the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, in 1987, represented an important landmark in the world archaeological scene and the American continent, particularly because the mausoleum of a pre-Incan sovereign was found intact for the first time.

This discovery also meant the most abundant burial site in America, a landmark of the same magnitude as other great discoveries of the twentieth century, such as the Warriors of Xian (China) or the tomb of Tutankhamen (Egypt).

Studies revealed that the Lord of Sipan died some 1770 years ago and had been a sovereign who was almost treated like a demigod.

Analyses established that he lived for approximately 40 years and that he was buried following complex rituals and sacrifices. A total of 600 pieces of gold, silver and precious stones were also discovered in his tomb and the coffins of seven guardians and three young women were found along with his coffin, as well as the bones of a child and the skeletons of two llamas and a dog.

The first presentation is an exact replica of the Mochican ruler’s tomb at Panama’s Albrook Mall (the city’s largest shopping center). The second is a showcase of three real-size mannequins wearing Mochica clothing at the Tocumen International Airport.

The display is composed of 54 pieces (jewels and ornaments), six mannequins, and four funeral cabins.

According to the official, over 18,000 Panamanians are expected to visit the Sipan exhibition.

Peruvian Ambassador to Panama Mario Lopez, archaeologist Walter Alva, as well as officials of the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) and Peru’s Trade Office (Ocex) based in Panama were present during the inauguration.


Concerning the tourism sector, Minister Vasquez indicated flights between the Peruvian metropolis of Chiclayo (Lambayeque region) and Panama City are an important boost for the arrival of Central American visitors in the Inca country.

In this sense, 22,036 tourists from Panama arrived in the South American country in 2018, an 8.81% growth compared to 2017.

“We hope over 24,000 Panamanian tourists will visit Peru in 2019,” he expressed.


Furthermore, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry Head noted the Central American nation’s importance on business and tourist levels.

It should be noted total Peruvian exports to Panama reached US$241.9 million in 2018.

Work agenda

During his stay, the official held meetings with Panama’s Tourism Ministry officials and the sector’s businesspeople. He also paid a work visit to Amador Cruise Terminal and spoke with Maritime Authority’s representatives.

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