Peruvian avocado exports achieved a record amount of almost US $ 800 million in 2018

This product is expected to enter the markets of the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Colombia this year.
Peruvian exports of avocados registered a historical figure close to US $ 800 million in 2018, which represents an expansion of 26% compared to the previous year, reported the Foreign Trade Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL).

Currently, Peruvian avocados reach a total of 35 markets, with the main buyers being the Netherlands (US $ 275.9 million), the United States (US $ 191.1 million) and Spain (US $ 111.8 million).

In the last decade, shipments abroad have achieved an accumulated growth of 842.2%, considering that during 2008 the shipments were just US $ 84.8 million.

“With these results, the Peruvian avocado is proving not only to be a fashion product, but a consumer trend in the most demanding international markets,” said Monica Chavez, manager of the Center for Foreign Trade of the CCL.

“The growing external demand has resulted in the avocado being exported in different presentations such as fresh, frozen, mashed, sauces, oil and others, in addition to its high nutritional value recognized by consumers, which transmits an excellent message of the markets to the bidders and the agricultural sector, “he added.

In addition, between 2008 and 2018, shipments expanded to more than 10 new markets, such as: China (US $ 30.6 million), Costa Rica (US $ 5.2 million), South Korea (US $ 4 million). 3 million), Belgium (US $ 4.3 million), Russia (US $ 3.2 million), Australia (US $ 2.6 million), Portugal (US $ 556 thousand), New Zealand (US $ 503 thousand) , United Arab Emirates (US $ 298 thousand) and India (US $ 277 thousand).

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