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Tourism and cultural potential for the archaeological site El Gran Pajaten

Diversifying the tourist offer in the country is one of the main objectives for the Peruvian government. And as part of the plan, the government is working so that the El Gran Pajaten Archaeological Complex has a high cultural value and is a sustainable tourist destination, in order to contribute to the development of nearby families.

During the recent inspection visit to the archaeological zone led by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism: Edgar Vasquez, in the company of the President of the Republic: Martin Vizcarra as well as the Minister of Environment, regional governor of San Martín and de la Libertad.

In statements by Minister Edgar Vasquez, he stressed “We are in this important archaeological complex to capitalize on its high tourism and cultural potential, with a vision of sustainable development, which allows improving the quality of life of the population of the San Martin and La Libertad regions”

The inspection trip to the archaeological complex begins a series of activities for its enhancement and to become a new tourist attraction of our country. Due to the fragility of the citadel, work is being done to articulate actions in order to investigate and conserve the archaeological site.

The Great Pajaten

The archaeological complex has an area of 20 thousand square meters, is located on a hill and has at least 26 circular stone structures, numerous terraces and stairs, buildings decorated with slate mosaics that show birds or others.

It is located about 2850 meters above sea level, between the Marañon and Huallaga rivers within the Río Abiseo National Park in the district of Huicungo in the limits of the department of La Libertad and San Martín.
This place was declared by UNESCO as a Mixed World Heritage Site and Gran Pajaten Biosphere Reserve which are aimed at the conservation and protection of such an important citadel.

Source: Infotur

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