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What is and How the Inti Raymi is Celebrated

“Fiesta del Sol” Inti Raymi in Quechua. In the past the Inca performed a ritual ceremony in honor of the Sun and the Tahuantinsuyo. The religious – cultural tradition started during the 15th century with the Inca Pachacutec, who ordered the construction of the citadel of Machu Picchu,

According to the Andean cosmovision, at that time the sun was starting its cycle again. Since 1944, this tradition was reinstated in Cusco. Today, it is one of the most important celebrations in Peru. Its celebration includes dances, performances, typical costumes and a series of activities ideal for tourism.

The celebration is tradition in the city of Cusco, each year a performance is carried out by hundreds of actors wearing typical Inca clothes, the Inti Raymi lasts for 1 day and the main role is assumed by the priest Willaq Umo, the Inca nobility, the Inca and his wife coya.


Everything takes place in 3 scenarios of Cusco with great historical significance:
• Koricancha: The Temple of the Sun, from the first hours of the day, begins the Fiesta del Sol. It starts in the golden garden with the arrival of the Inca the first rituals offer coca leaves, llamas, alpacas and more. The staging lasts approximately 45 minutes.

• Plaza de Armas: The historic center of Cuzco is the site of the celebrations of the Fiesta del Sol. The Inca is carried on a litter by eight servants and the Coca Ceremony is held. There is a platform for tourists who bought their ticket.

• Sacsayhuaman: The Chuquipampa esplanade in the Sacsayhuaman fortress is the main stage for the representation of the Inti Raymi. This place was of great importance during the Inca Empire.

Source: Boleto Machu Picchu

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