05 Sep

Cusco implements strategies to improve health control and reactivate tourism

The southern region of Cusco is attempting to put an end to the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection curve, restore tranquility and, thus, prompt the reactivation of tourism (the main driver of growth), based on two strategies proposed by local authorities.

Cusco Governor Jean Paul Benavente affirmed that the region is in the process of securing the health control system, in several provinces, which involves the Cusco-Sacred Valley of the Incas corridor and Machu Picchu, in first place.

The second step involves having molecular tests and rapid results (such as the ones issued by the EsSalud hospital) to provide a brief diagnosis. “If we want to boost the tourism sector, we have to ensure the preventive measures, a serious screening process, and a diagnosis to open our borders,” he explained.

On the matter, the governor stressed the imperative need to have molecular test results and to implement the biosafety protocols that different sectors had in place before the coronavirus infection curve took off.

“We want that tourists and the host population itself can have their results in less than one or two hours so that they can take care; this implies improving the protocols,” Benavente pointed out.

“We have to change the upward curve of the pandemic, which has greatly affected us over the last six weeks. Once reduced, we will start a reactivation process,” he added.

The “COVID 10 Thousand” campaign is part of the diagnosis for the virus identification in the population and covers provinces where there are other tourist circuits besides Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco’s historic center.

These strategies have been implemented in European countries that are tourist destinations.

“There are many cities around the world whose tourist activities are already being conducted. France, for example, has reopened most of its tourism sector, as well as Spain. They are at the forefront,” he said.

Regarding the reopening of Machu Picchu, the regional authority reported that the date has not been determined yet, but the enthusiasm to emerge from this difficult situation is maintained.

Source: Andina

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