27 Mar

Documentary “Hatun Phaqcha, Tierra Sana” wins the Silver Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival

The Peruvian production used various national locations for its shooting, such as Huánuco,
Cusco, Lima, Piura, Madre de Dios, among others.

Showing how the ancient inhabitants of Peru were able to domesticate and cultivate a wide variety of nutritious products, added to the great photography work of the director Delia
Ackerman, earned the documentary “Hatun Phaqcha, Tierra Sana”, winning the Silver Biznaga on 26 ° Malaga International Film Festival – MAFIZ, in the ‘Feature Film’ category of the ‘Cinema Cocina’ section.

The national production, which highlights the quality of crops domesticated since pre-
Columbian times, collects the testimony of peasants, academics, anthropologists and cooks.


Among the most outstanding millennial products produced in our country are Potato, Maca, Corn, Quinoa, Kiwicha, Cañihua, Aguaymanto, Camu Camu, Lúcuma. Highly nutritious products. The Maca that has a large amount of antioxidants, the Quinoa that stands out because it concentrates a significant amount of vegetable proteins, with excellent quality of amino acids, the Kiwicha that strengthens the immune system, and the Potato which has more than 4,000 varieties that are mostly found in the Andes.

The documentary used various national locations for its production, such as Huánuco, Cusco, Lima, Piura, Madre de Dios, Puno. It has also participated in various international festivals and has won the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2021 Lima Film Festival and the Environmental Award at the Toronto Women Film Festival. In addition, it was shortlisted for the 2022 Platino Awards in the Best Documentary Film category.

The role of Film In Perú

The Peruvian cinema is the guest of honor at the 26th Malaga Festival, where our country is
the protagonist of the Latin American Focus of MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone), a space that shows contemporary Peruvian cinematography, the talent that makes its growth and the possibilities of collaboration with the industry.

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