23 Feb

Huni Kuin people’s art of weaving declared National Cultural Heritage

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture has declared the knowledge, wisdom, and practices associated with the Huni Kuin people’s art of weaving as Cultural Heritage of the Nation, for its original aesthetic, symbolic, and ritual value, and for the preservation, transmission, and transcendence of traditional technologies that are involved in said art.

All the above is part of the historical memory and cultural identity of said indigenous ethnic group with origins in the Amazon.

The declaration was made official via Deputy Ministerial Resolution No. 000045-2022-VMPCIC/MC signed by Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries Sonaly Tuesta.

The resolution states that the expression “Huni Kuin,” which means “true people,” is how the members of the indigenous people —also known as Cashinahua— name themselves.

Currently, the Huni Kuin people settle in the southeast of the Peruvian Amazonia, within the territories of the Purus Communal Reserve and the Alto Purus National Park, in the district and province of Purus (Ucayali region), near the headwaters of Purus and Curanja rivers.

In 2017, its population was estimated at 1,304, accounting for 47% of the total population in said Park, which is home to 16 indigenous communities that are settled along the aforementioned rivers.

The resolution indicates that weaving stands out among all productive activities performed by the Huni Kuin people, as it is a cultural manifestation in which women express ancestral and complex geometric designs called kene, which they apply in the structural decoration of their fabrics and other objects.

Woman weavers are highly respected in the community and their reputation spreads throughout the Huni Kuin territory.

Their main production consists of hammocks for domestic use and a number of clothes for traditional festive ceremonies such as the maridi hatxamawa, which promotes soil fertility, the birth of children, as well as during rites for a good harvest and good hunting, in which all community members are invited to participate.

Source: Andina

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