27 Oct

Over 500-year-old ceramics found in Peru

Five ceramics, which are more than 500 years old and in a good state of preservation, were found by a team of archaeologists at Lima’s Parque de las Leyendas (Leyends Park) zoo while conducting research at Huaca La Palma.

The find includes four ceramic bottles and a small brown bird-shaped jug, which are thought to belong to the Ychsma Culture —a society that settled in the Valleys of Lurin and Chillon, in the central coast of Peru.

The artifacts were found in the northeastern tip of Huaca La Palma.

On a preliminary basis, the experts have determined that the find is believed to belong to the Late Horizon —a time when the central coast was under the administration of the Inca Empire, between approximately 1470 and 1532 AD.

The zoo states that this discovery is not the only one associated with construction during the late periods in Maranga, considering that human remains associated with the construction of floors or walls were found in recent works at Huaca Tres Palos and Huaca San Miguel.

It also noted that Legends Park houses 54 monuments of the Maranga Archaeological Complex; however, Huaca La Palma is one of the most important ones due to the presence of friezes (one of the few in Lima), such as those of booby birds and stepped crosses (chacanas).

In addition, it has certain features in common with the “pyramids with ramps” related to the Ychsma Culture in the lower valley of the Lurin River.

Source: Andina

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