15 Feb

Peru’s Bicentennial Special Project premiered the first documentary mini-series on Amazonian art on 11 February

Continuing with the programme of exhibitions for the 200th anniversary of Peru’s independence, on 11 February the Proyecto Especial Bicentenario premiered the first documentary mini-series on Amazonian art under the title “AMA/zonas de mitos y visiones”, consisting of 10 chapters inspired by mythical beings of the region.

Under the direction of visual artist and curator Christian Bendayán, “AMA/zonas de mitos y visiones” shows the history of the Peruvian Amazon, its problems and knowledge through the eyes of its artists. Through animations, drawings, sculptures, photographs, installations and paintings from different periods, we will learn about the culture, values and historical memory of the largest region of Peru, but at the same time the most forgotten.

Each chapter is based on legends about a mythical Amazonian being such as the chullachaqui, the red bufeo, the yanapuma or the pelacaras and invites us to get to know the Amazon from different artistic perspectives. “It is a journey to the encounter with our human, indigenous and spiritual essence, where all the beings of nature: rivers, forests, gods and protective spirits have a leading voice through art,” says Bendayán.

This production, which can be viewed at https://bicentenario.gob.pe/exposiciones/amazonas, contains pedagogical material that can be used to process the content and raise awareness among school-age children and adolescents through participatory activities and dynamics.

In order to learn about the creation and production process of the documentary mini-series and the reflections on the Amazonian territory, a virtual discussion was held. Participating were its director Christian Bendayán and other Amazonian specialists such as the visual artist and bilingual intercultural educator Harry Pinedo and the indigenous artist of the Shipibo-Konibo people, Chonon Bensho.

With all the cultural contents that form part of the 2021 exhibition programme, the Bicentennial Special Project seeks to disseminate those themes that invite us to reflect on the milestones and historical processes that preceded the formation of our nation, the most relevant contemporary issues that define our society and identity, as well as highlighting our customs and emphasising diversity.

About the director

Christian Bendayán is a visual artist and curator born in the city of Iquitos. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Peru and abroad. In 2012 he won the Premio Nacional del Cultura in the creativity category. His exhibition “Indios antropófagos” was selected to represent Peru at the 58th Venice Art Biennale in 2019. He has also published several books on Amazonian art and received several awards.

Source: gob.pe

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