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The awakening of the Transformers in Machu Picchu

Peru emerges into the universe of the seventh art, and does so as a destination for film locations that captivates and invites you to visit us.

We invite you to the premiere of the seventh film in the Transformers saga, which is a fantastic story of robots fighting to conquer the universe on planet Earth.


The story, set in 1994, brings new developments from previous series, introducing Noah Diaz (Ramos), an ex-soldier and electronics expert, and archaeologist Elena Wallace (Fishback) as they become embroiled in a battle between the Autobots and three other factions: the Maximals, Predacons and Terrorcons.

About the movie

The seventh episode of the new film will show the world mystical locations and scenery of Peru’s diverse landscapes, including the wonder of the world Machu Picchu and the enchantments of the jungle in Tarapoto.

The Paramount Pictures film crew filmed the movie over several months in 2021, through the Machu Picchu archaeological park, the city of Cusco, the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park, the Cusco-Quillabamba road and some natural scenery in the San Martin region.

The decision to choose Machu Picchu for the main scenes of the film is unparalleled, as this sacred space has never been used as a film set before. And getting to its location is part of another adventure no less impressive than the film. From Lima we took a one-hour flight to Cusco and from the imperial city we travelled through the Sacred Valley on board a panoramic train, admiring the mountains and snow-capped peaks until we reached Machu Picchu.

They filmed at the very top of Machu Picchu, where the actors were amazed by the perfect mysticism of the Inca architecture and its natural environment, trying to identify the limit between the special effects of cinema and the reality of this mysterious place that surrounds all tourists with its magic and beauty without horizons.

And indeed another reason why the film’s director, Caple Jr, selected the historic city of Cusco for the filming was, in his own words, “the spiritual connection that is felt in sacred places”. A spiritual connection that our tourists can feel when visiting other archaeological attractions such as Chinchero, Pisac, Inkiltambo, Sacsayhuaman, Moray and Ollantaytambo. Plaza de Armas Cusco
In an interview during the days of filming, the producer of this saga, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, was proud to be able to bring the culture and history of Peru to the cinemas.

Where was “Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts” filmed?

The Malaga pass
It is another of the attractions that could not be missed in the filming of the movie, and it was selected for the feeling of suspense that inspires travel these winding roads in the mountains. Although the Cusco-Quillabamba road is a scenic attraction without comparison and is located between the snowy Veronica and other imposing mountains and snow-capped peaks, however it is a real route for adventure tourism as it allows us to practice mountain biking descending from this point to reach Santa Maria and then go rafting on the Vilcanota River.


In order to film some of the impressive scenes of the movie, the attractions of the exuberant Peruvian jungle in Tarapoto were also carefully selected. The film crew members, as soon as they finished in Cusco, took a flight to the city of Tarapoto. The filming used the following tourist areas as locations: the Alto Shilcayo viewpoint, the areas of the Chazuta and Shapaja districts, the “La Unión” waterfalls in La Banda de Shilcayo, the Ahuashiyacu waterfalls and an area at kilometer 12 of the road to Yurimaguas.

La Union Waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls that can be found east of the city, near the town of La Union, and are two small cascades that fall on natural stones forming a large pool of warm water, in the middle of a lush landscape of intense emerald green color.

Peru, after being the location for this mega production of the saga “Transformers: The Awakening of the Beasts”, is positioned not only as an attractive destination for filming, but also enhances its image as a country of magical and mystically beautiful landscapes, in the same way that reminds us once again of the ancestral heritage of our ancient civilizations and their great ancient wealth.

The film shows epic battles that unfold in scenarios where the combination of the magic of cinema with the imposing mystical beauty of Machu Picchu and the overflowing joy of its people in the streets of Cusco give life to an unprecedented film production.

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