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The best avocado in the world comes from Peru and is called Hass

There is a Peruvian export product present in almost all international markets. Its reputation is such that the Dutch and Spanish love it almost as much as their cheeses and wines respectively. It is the delicious Hass avocado, which travels from the coastal valleys of Peru to European supermarkets.

The quality of this superfood lies in the durability of its rind, which makes it easy to transport, as well as in its small seed, which leaves the diner with a larger quantity of pulp. Its texture is creamy and goes perfectly in a Causa, an octopus Muchame, a Guacamole sauce or in a vegetarian salad.

Why then does the Peruvian buyer not have it in the first place of his preference? Everything indicates that it is more about appearance than quality. To put an end to this myth, avocado growers are determined to position this variety once and for all and take it for granted that Peruvians can also consume the best of Pachamama.

Add Hass to your dishes

PROMPERÚ promotes the consumption of all avocado varieties, whose properties are highly beneficial for the body. Avocado has potassium and is a source of energy and healthy fats. It is also important for supporting the immune system. Specifically, the Hass variety has anti-ageing properties and improves the hair’s shine.

“Hass avocado is of good quality and tastes good if harvested at the right level of ripeness. It also has the advantage that it is resistant to transport, its flesh is consistent, it is easy to peel and has a good shelf life after harvest,” explains Omar Diaz, General Manager of Westfalia Fruit Peru.

According to the businessman, per capita consumption of Hass avocado in Peru is still moderate, so we must continue to intensify promotional campaigns to increase its consumption..

An adaptable and sustainable crop

Avocado is a tree with a long productive life. In Peru, Hass avocado is grown mainly in the regions of La Libertad, Lambayeque, Ancash, Cusco, Apurimac and Huancavelica. “It is a crop that is easy to manage by a small farmer as is the case mainly in the highlands, or by a medium or large company as is the case mainly on the coast,” adds Omar Diaz.

“Avocado is grown all year round, most of it with a drip irrigation system that allows an efficient use of water. The appropriate integrated management of pests and diseases allows us to obtain a good quality product”.

Diaz is one of hundreds of entrepreneurs committed to spreading this crop around the world, as this strengthens the sector and the product remains sustainable over time. “These promotional campaigns are very important for increasing consumption, both nationally and internationally. This promotion has been carried out very actively for several years now,” points out Diaz.

Although it is undeniable that the first months of this year were difficult due to the economic and social impact of COVID-19, Diaz highlighted the effort made by the entire production chain to promote the super avocado in the media, public transport units and the international dissemination of avocado-based recipes.

“We think that with the promotion campaigns we are carrying out and as consumers become more familiar with the Hass avocado, they will migrate their preference towards this variety whose market is very globalized”, the expert affirms.

Closing data:

– We are on the right track. According to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, the volume of Hass avocado exported in the first seven months of this year is higher than the entire volume of Hass avocado exported last year, when it reached 312,539 tons.

– The main international destination markets for avocado are the Netherlands, Spain, Chile, the United States and England, which account for 83% of the total exports of this fruit to the world.

Source: Peru.info

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