The Best Luxury Restaurants in Lima

Lima has become in a very short time one of the most important destinations in gastronomy, as well as in the most important elite restaurants in the world. Here are some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Lima. With the exception of Chez Wong, all these restaurants are located in the modern district of Miraflores.

Each restaurant highlights unique Peruvian ingredients, perhaps you will try something with cilantro, a type of wildest cilantro that grows in the Peruvian jungle. It has a flavor similar to cilantro, but stronger. These ready to immerse yourself in a rainbow of Peruvian potatoes, which comes in shades of bright yellow, red and purple. A place of freshwater fish that lives in the turbid waters of the Amazon basin, has developed a reputation as a man among the culinary culture of Peru. These fish have few bones and produce firm and white fillets, and can grow up to 500 pounds.

Visiting one of these restaurants will help you to live a unique experience.

Astrid and Gastón

The Peruvian gastronomic boom and the positioning of Peru in the map of culinary innovation is attributed to the owner Gastón. In Peru, Acurio is known for elevating traditional Peruvian cuisine and instilling in the country the pride of its tasty cuisine. Their restaurants were the first to use the ingredients found in the Peruvian Amazon for gourmet cooking.

With more than 30 restaurants in charge in 15 cities, many of them outside of Peru. All have been received with massive critical acclaim. In Astrid and Gastón white tablecloths provide relief to the vibrantly colorful and artistically arranged dishes. You can have the tasting menu at Astrid Y Gastón, or visit the bar to try some a la carte items.


Virgilio Martínez is the owner of Central, the Chef used to work with Gastón Acurio who rescued the skills of the young chef.

The trendy restaurants in Lima follow many of the same trends as luxury restaurants in the US. UU However, Central does not have any sign on the door, to emphasize its exclusivity. Be sure to reserve a table at least 30 days before the visit.

Although Central is based in Lima, the restaurant takes much of its inspiration from the ingredients found in the jungle. Chef Martinez travels to the Amazon specifically to find new ingredients to include in his menu. The declared objective of the chef is to pay homage to Pachamama, the legend of the Mother Earth of Inca. The Central menu incorporates ingredients from all the different elevations in Peru, from the coastal lowlands to the Amazon.

Many of the herbs that accompany the dishes come from the restaurant’s own garden, which is a great pride for chef Martínez: the local ingredients complement the ingredients that are obtained through intense excursions through the Peruvian landscape.

Despite the dishes with ingredients that have almost never been heard of, many of the guests are surprised by the simplest element of the menu: the water in Central is filtered and bottled in the place.


Restaurant that combines Peruvian and Japanese traditions, one of the most outstanding Nikkei destinations. To taste you can select a 16-course tasting menu, or you can order a la carte. Clients have the option of sitting at the counter to enjoy a traditional sushi restaurant experience.
Seafood is the star ingredient of the menus, not everything is marine products, the chef sometimes uses meat or other complement that fits better to the dishes.

Do not forget to enjoy the tiraditos of chef Mitsuharu Tsumara, the Japanese version of ceviche that goes beyond raw fish: the Peruvian and Japanese cooking styles come together to make a seafood dish that is more than a sum of its parts.


Ivan Kisic opens his appetite with a sensory palette of lush green. Wooden panels cover the walls and plants sprout from pots on each surface. The interior of IK is designed to look like crates, the wooden boxes that Peruvian vendors use to display their fruits. Visitors are especially surprised by the daring aesthetic in the bathroom. Do not ask, just go see it.

IK opened its doors in 2013. The restaurant’s artistic approach to plating its dishes exhibits a feverish creativity and a sense of humor.

The restaurant takes its name from Ivan Kisic, the twin brother of the owner. Ivan was a promising chef who died in a car accident, very early in his career. His main passion was the abundant offer of excellent seafood from Lima, and fish is usually one of the best on the IK menu.

IK has a wood oven to bake fresh bread, and the dessert menu shows an unusual level of inspiration for what many restaurants consider a very sugary option. In addition, it is known for its unusual and innovative combinations. There is nothing on the menu that seems to work together, but guests usually report that one night at IK expanded their palates. (that is, they were surprised).

Chez Wong

The Chez Wong Restaurant is one of the most recognized and requested fish and seafood in Lima. Unlike other restaurants in Chez, chef Wong cooks open doors, while the customer watches the flames that surround the woks the kitchen assistants rush to serve the dishes.

If you want to visit Chez Wong, be sure to book well in advance. It is open for lunch, and does not offer a menu. Before starting, you should indicate only some basic preferences: hot, cold, sweet or sour. It is guaranteed that you will get some sole, the chef’s specialty, but other than that, the dishes are based on the fish they brought to Chef Wong that day.

Chez Wong is located in La Victoria, which is not the best suburb of Lima. But if you are a visitor who is interested in seeing the non-tourist parts of Lima, this is a good reason to see more of the city.

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