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The access and use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions described below, as well as by the legislation that applies in the Republic of Peru. Consequently, all visits, contracts and transactions made on this site, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to that legislation. The Terms and Conditions contained in this instrument will be applied and understood as part of all the acts and contracts that are executed or executed through the offer and marketing systems included in between users and Domiruth Peru Travel.


As a condition of use of this website, by this act you declare that:

  • You are of legal age (18 years of age);
  • You have the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation;
  • The acts performed by minors on the Web will be the responsibility of their parents, and/or guardians, and therefore they will be considered performed by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have.
  • You will use this website in accordance with these Terms and conditions of Use;
  • You will only use this website to make legitimate reservations for yourself or another person on whose behalf you are legally authorized to act;
  • You will inform these other people about the Terms and conditions of Use that apply to the reservations you made on their behalf, including the applicable rules and restrictions;
  • All the information you provide to Domiruth Peru Travel is true, accurate and complete.

Information collected by passengers for Domiruth Peru Travel

When sending your data, the client declares that the information is correct and reliable and that with the indicated names the reservations must be generated in the hotel and / or some other acquired service. If there is any error in the data sent by the client, the same will assume the penalty and / or administrative expenses that are generated by correcting the information or accepting the invalidity of purchase without claim option.

We cannot help you book the perfect Trip for you without having certain information. Therefore, while you use our services, we ask you for some information required. These are very basic things, such as your name, your contact information, the names of the people who travel with you and the payment details, it is important to send the copy of passports to validate the information and especially if you travel with children.



Domiruth Peru Travel declares that it acts only as an intermediary in the contracting of the different tourist services and its responsibility will be determined solely in that nature.

The agency is not responsible for the events that occur due to a fortuitous event or force majeure, climatic phenomena or events of nature that occur before or during the development of the services that hinder in any way the total or partial execution of the contracted services.

Nor is the agency responsible for changes in schedules, postponements and / or cancellations, amenities, equipment used or any other modification made by the transport companies. The passenger is full responsible for having the documentation in order according to his nationality and travel destination he visits.

You must also comply with the general rule that applies to international travel, which consists of having a valid passport for a minimum period of 6 months and up from the date of travel commencement. In addition to being the passenger responsible for having valid visas of the countries through which you will travel, vaccinations, permission of minors if necessary and any respective documentation to make the trip. It is the passenger’s responsibility to find out about the requirements demanded by the immigration, customs and health authorities of the destinations to visit. We advise that before booking and leaving, consult all the necessary requirements with the corresponding Embassy or Consulate. Yellow fever vaccine application is recommended for passengers traveling to the jungle at least 14 days in advance, it is suggested to apply for the international vaccination certificate.

The Agency will not be liable for any inconvenience that may arise as a result of breach of this passenger’s responsibility.


About the included:

Only that which is expressly and literally detailed in the “Included or Inclusions” section of the program or in the travel documentation, should be considered included.

Therefore, those not mentioned as tips, vaccination certificates, visas, airport taxes, services fees, expenses and interests of financial operations, unspecified food, optional tours and / or additional expenses are not included in the prices. Nor are those additional expenses caused by cancellations of services, delays in departures or arrivals of means of transport, or for unforeseen reasons outside the Agency included.

Hotel Conditions:

  • All guests must register upon arrival at the hotel presenting their passport as an identity document.
  • Children under the age of 03 will not be charged accommodation during the trip, as long as they share the room with their parents and do not request an additional bed. A maximum of one child released from payment per room will be allowed.
  • If you do not show up at the Accommodation on the corresponding date and time, the Accommodation may cancel your reservation and consider it as NO SHOW in which case you will not have the right to demand full or partial refund of the amount paid.
  • In accordance with Peruvian tax laws, Peruvian citizens (and foreigners staying more than 59 days in Peru) must pay an additional fee of 18%. To be exempt from this 18% supplement for IGV (IVA), a copy of the immigration card and passport must be submitted.
  • Foreign business travelers who request a printed invoice must also pay this 18% supplement, regardless of the length of their stay in Peru. The supplement is not automatically included in the total amount of the reservation.

Jungle lodges:

Passengers whose ages are between 0 – 3 years are considered Infants and do not pay, they have to share a bed with parents and does not include food.

From 4 years corresponds bed and is considered as an adult.

Tour Packages conditions:

  • All excursions will have a bilingual guide (Spanish / English).
  • The prices of some tourist places (historical, cultural or religious) may vary by order of local authorities. This will generate, increase in the final price. Domiruth Peru Travel will notify you as soon as possible when it happens.
  • Rates do not apply for the following dates: Holy Week, Inti Raymi (week of June 24), National Holidays (July 28 and 29), All Saints’ Day (November 1), Apec Event (12 to 20 of November), Perumin, Christmas and New Year (from December 23 to January 1, 2019). Among other major events that may arise during the year.
  • The hotels have double rooms, which can be matrimonial or twin (separate beds) according to the availability of the hotel.
  • The General Sales Tax (IGV) in Peru is 18%. Foreign passengers when checking in at the hotel must present their original passport and Migration Card to be exempted from this tax. Otherwise, they must pay directly the amount corresponding to this tax.
  • Shared services require a minimum of 2 people for the tour to take place. Services in private may be taken from 1 person.
  • Domiruth Peru Travel, has the power to make changes or readjustments in excursions, when it implies an improvement of service to its passengers.
  • Domiruth Peru Travel is a company that provides tourist services, does not promote or encourage illegal activities of any kind, or actions that threaten morality and good customs.
  • The vouchers of the tour packages will be sent 12 days before the start of the package, once the package has been paid 100% and with the complete information of the passengers such as flights and passports.
  • The travel agency only acts as an intermediary between local and international suppliers and is solely responsible for organizing the tours purchased.
  • Domiruth Peru Travel acts as an operator in Peru that is responsible for contracting services from various suppliers (transportation, accommodation, restaurants and other services of independent suppliers) that are not under our control. Domiruth Peru Travel cannot be liable for death, personal injury or any loss caused by an act or omission of one of these suppliers or another event of which it has no control.

Transfer Conditions:


    • Unless otherwise specified, the waiting time is 1 hour after the arrival time of your inbound flight to the country. After this time the vehicle will be released.
    • Charges for excess baggage and tips (optional) are not included.
    • If you carry excess baggage that does not fit in the vehicle, you must pay any additional costs incurred for the transfer of such excess.
    • * Important * If your arrival or departure data changes affecting the transfer services, you must update your reservation information immediately informing the contact person in case it is days in advance and if it is last minute change it is recommended Communicate with emergency contacts registered in your service voucher.
    • If you are traveling with babies / children, you are responsible for bringing and placing the appropriate seat for babies or children that you will use in your vehicle. Failure to do this would result in non-provision of the service without possible refund.
    • Do not worry if your flight is delayed, we will previously check the flight information and adjust the pick-up time if necessary. In the case of connecting flights, we can only check the flight details printed on this voucher.
    • If you cannot find our local representative for any reason, it is your responsibility to call the number below to ask for help, before organizing an alternative.
    • In case of emergency call 24/7 Mobil phone or Whatsapp +51 999 972 264 or during office ours Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm you may call land line (511) 610 – 6000 Ext. 2405


Train conditions in Cusco:

  • Arrive at the appropriate station in advance; at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for your departure.
  • In case the CLIENT does not display his identity document or whose TRAVEL TICKETS have incomplete or missing information and, consequently, does not sufficiently prove the ownership of the TRAVEL TICKET, his boarding may be restricted, not proceeding under any circumstances or cause type of reimbursement for such circumstance.
  • The use of its services is prohibited to women in a state of advanced gestation (equal to or greater than seven months).
  • The TRAVEL TICKET only allows the transport of the CLIENT and his hand luggage (01 bag or backpack) with a weight not greater than 05kg / 11lb and with a maximum measurement of 62 linear inches / 157 cm (height + length + width) .
  • Passengers are responsible for carrying their valuables and / or fragile items (money, jewelry, documents, electronic equipment, etc.) with them during the entire trip, not leaving them in their luggage. The train company will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any valuables.
  • According to the applicable legislation, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in any area of the train, including its public, private spaces and within the hygienic services.
  • In case the CLIENT misses the trip due to justified delays, whether due to flight delays (weather conditions), strikes or stoppages, verified health conditions, the train company will evaluate each case and offer, at its sole discretion and in the measure of its possibilities, the possibility of changing the travel date, depending on the availability of spaces. In no case will the train company grant any refund.
  • Adult passengers traveling with one child between 0 – 2 years and 11 months of age may request that they be exempted from paying the child’s ticket whenever the child travels in the arms of an adult passenger. To do this they must present the child’s passport at least 1 hour before the train departure time at the ticket office. For safety reasons, only the travel of a child between 0 – 2 years and 11 months of age is allowed in the arms of an adult passenger. If an adult passenger travels with two children between 0 – 2 years and 11 months of age, the second child must occupy a seat, therefore they must pay a ticket with their respective child rate and request the ticket at no cost for the first.
  • The train companies offer the Baggage Custody Service to the users. The user have to accept terms and conditions of the Baggage / Baggage Custody Service. See here according to the contracted train company:

Inca Rail:  / Perú Rail:  


Adventure Activities Conditions:

The travel agency reserves the right to change or cancel any section of the tour or trip when necessary, for the sake and safety of passengers and those responsible.

In order to carry out certain adventure activities, you may be asked to sign a disclaimer document before participating in the activity offered. By doing so, you declare that you understand that any violation of any rule and / or restriction of the provider may result in the cancellation of the reservation (s), the denial of access to the applicable travel products or services, waiving any money that you have paid for said reservation (ones) and / or the account debit for any cost we incur as a result of said violation.


The use of a good health insurance plan is highly recommended for adventure activities. If a member of the group becomes ill during the tour, he must immediately notify the guide or the emergency contact phone of Domiruth Peru Travel (provided in the purchase confirmation), Domiruth Peru Travel will offer the passenger the appropriate attention, in case the passenger denies accepting medical or similar care passenger must sign a release of responsibility document.

Domiruth Peru Travel will be responsible for assisting and accompanying the passenger, through the call of a qualified doctor for their care and will attempt to contact the travel insurance provider that the passenger uses.

In case of emergencies, all additional expenses must be covered by the client. These are the reasons why we recommend the purchase of medical and travel insurance before starting your trip.

Medical contraindications:

The client must guarantee that he is in a position to make a high altitude trip over 2000msnm, long distance trekking, without endangering his life or other passenger’s life. Any disease or allergy that requires medical treatment or surveillance must be indicated at the time of the reservation request or, if the disease occurs later, before the date of shipment.

In the case of hiking and / or adventure tours, it is essential that clients over 60 have a medical certificate of good health.

Additionally, for people suffering from pre-existing diseases (hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, motor system problems, diabetes, asthma, history of altitude sickness, people suffering from acrophobia or panic at heights and others) should notify Domiruth Peru Travel. The company can request a medical certificate from the passenger’s local medic center with the relevant medication. Domiruth Peru Travel may recommend if necessary to cancel the service  when it is considered a risk for the passenger.


The content and information on this website (including but not limited to the price and availability of travel services) as well as the infrastructure used to provide such content and information is our property or our supplier´s. While you may make limited copies of your travel itinerary (and related documents) for travel reservations or services made through this Website, you agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, present, reproduce, publish, authorize, alter, transfer, sell or resell information, software, products or services obtained through this website.

 Likewise, the client accepts not:

Use this website or its content for any commercial purposes; Make speculative, false, fraudulent reservations or in anticipation of demand; Access, control or copy any content or information on this website using any robot, spider, redirector or other automated means or any manual process for any purpose without our express written permission; Violate the restrictions of any robot exclusion header on this website or avoid or circumvent other measures used to prevent or limit access to this website; take any measure that imposes or may impose, according to our criteria, an unreasonable or disproportionately large burden on our infrastructure; make a deep link to any part of this website, including, but not limited to, the purchase route for any travel service, for any purpose without our express written permission; or “frame”, “reflect” or incorporate any part of this website to any other website without our prior written authorization.

If you have performed any fraudulent activity, Domiruth Peru Travel reserves the right to bring any necessary legal action and you will be responsible for any monetary loss of Domiruth Peru Travel, including costs and damages of litigation. To object to the cancellation of a reservation or freeze or close an account, contact the Domiruth Peru Travel Customer Service.



The additional terms and conditions will apply to your reservation and to the purchase of goods and services related to the trip you select. Read these additional terms and conditions carefully. You agree to comply with the purchase terms and conditions imposed by any provider selected for the services, including, among others, the payment of all amounts when they expire and compliance with the rules and restrictions of the provider regarding the availability and use of rates, products or services. Travel providers can change their prices without notice before payment of the product / service. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if full payment is not received in a timely manner.

Your statement may also include a commission from the institution that issued your credit card to process the transaction, plus taxes for international purchases.

You acknowledge that some external providers that offer certain services or activities may ask you to sign a disclaimer document before participating in the service or activity they offer. You understand that any violation of any rule and restriction of the provider may result in the cancellation of your reservation (s), the denial of access to the applicable travel products or services, your waiver of any money you have paid for such reservation (s) and / or the debit of your account for any cost we incur as a result of such violation.

Changes to the reservation, cancellations, cancellations or No-Show:

It is only possible to modify the reservation, regarding the postponement or advancement of the dates stipulated in each case. The change may be made in accordance with the conditions and availability of the different service providers, and must be paid for penalties applied by the provider, the rate differences if applicable and an administrative expense.

Domiruth Peru Travel accepts changes as long as the train ticket, tour, package, hotel reservation, program and / or services allow it and any penalty for such act will be added to user´s account. In addition to the supplier’s penalty, the Client / user must pay a penalty equivalent to 10% of the product purchased from Domiruth Peru Travel for the administrative expenses generated by the modification.

If you do not show up to use your contracted service on the day and time booked (or arrive late) a No Show is generated. Through this, you will not have the right to demand the total or partial refund of the amount paid. If you are not going to use your reservation in whole or in part or if you are going to arrive late to use your reservation, we recommend that you contact Domiruth Peru Travel in advance to know the applicable restrictions.

Cancellation and reimbursement process for tourist services:

Once the sale is closed, any modification and / or correction will be subject to a 10% penalty for administrative expenses, it will also be subject to the availability of spaces for the new desired travel date.

Certain services may be interrupted or may be canceled due to weather conditions, force majeure reasons and others beyond the control of hotels, airlines, suppliers or associates. No refund will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.

It is only possible to cancel a package, transfers or activity free of charge until before 6 pm (Peru time) on the day of the issue, paying the corresponding penalty (10%). If after this period, the client decides not to travel, he must request a refund; in case he proceeds it will be in accordance with the regulation established by the provider or service holder. In case of rates or contracts that do not allow reimbursement once issued, the reimbursement will not proceed

Refunds will be made to the account number that made the transfer or the credit card with which the service payment was made. The costs generated by the payment to the card will be borne by the user.

The average time the refund takes is 30 to 60 business days (weekend or holidays ar not considered).

The user has a period of 10 calendar days after having canceled the service to be able to present in writing all the documentation that justifies or supports said request, in addition to being signed by the Customer who made the purchase. If the Reimbursement is due to death or illness, the medical records and / or original death certificates must be attached, which must be scanned in addition to the request of the purchasing person, you can also attach any other documentation that supports the reason.


  • About tour package cancellations.- The service must be canceled 15 days before the start of the trip in case of fits and groups 45 days before or depending on the conditions of the provider and specified in the program. The reimbursement will be subject to a penalty on the contracted price as well as administrative expenses. Outside that date, the penalty will be considered 100%.

To request the cancellation you must contact via email to indicating the desire to cancel in compliance with the deadline, if you do not meet the deadlines Domiruth Peru Travel will be able to deny any cancellation considering a no show of the 100% without prejudice to the agency.



They must be presented within 15 days of the end of the trip, in writing, accompanied by supporting documents and supporting documents and signed by the passenger. After this term will not be attended the claim or refund.

The Agency reserves the right to modify, alter or update these Terms and Conditions at any time. The modifications will take effect from the moment indicated; failing that, it will be understood that its application is immediate. By using this Platform after the modifications are published, you agree to be subject to such modifications, alterations or updates of the Purchase Conditions, without the right to make any claim in relation to it.


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