The Route of the Sun's Children

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Welcome to Peru!
Arrival to Cusco´s airport. Pick up, in the Tawantinsuyo center: the great city of Qosco. We will greet the city connecting with our Inner sun.

From this city which is located over 3400mosl (11,100ft), we will be driven towards the Urubamba town (2,870mosl – 9,420ft), in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. Along the way, we will stop in the special lookout of the Apus (spirit of the mountains) – the lookout of Taray. Here, by one will be introduced to the Apukunas or Andean masters, our protectors who will welcome us showing their beauty in all their magnificense. Using coca leaves, we will blow light -like the breath of God- to connect and to thank to all of those beings who assist us in our process of transformation. We will greet the Mother Earth and the Father Sun.

Later, in our wonderful hotel: Taypikala Valle Sagrado, in the afternoon, we will have a walk by the different sites of this lovely place, to know the altars, and the services we can get here, since everything was thought to be in harmony and to complement our process of expansion of consciousness.
Overnight. (D)



Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning we will go by the Sacred Valley, along the sacred Urubamba river to get the temple of Urco to connect with the energies of the serpent, the under ground world. We will do solar practices and a recognition of the sacred valley and later on, continuing to Pisac. This citadel temple allows us to connect with the element wind: Mama Waira (mother wind), who assists us in observing, nourishing our thoughts and our dreams. We will visit the most important sacred sites and, in contemplation, we nourish the soul.

Then, in the afternoon we will visit the sacred space of Ollantaytambo, pre-Inca and Inca citadel where we will learn and remember the teachings of the Condor using four steps. Also, we will visit the temple the Sun and the sacred water fountains. Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
Quillarumiyoc, Temple of the Moon; temple in which we will move a little those stagnant waters, the waters that have not been transparent in the emotional body, Quillarumiyoc also invites us to connect with the Eagle that teaches us to observe the Light which is around, inside and outside. Ceremony with flowers.

In the afternoon, we will visit Moray, where we will expand our awareness regarding the Inner sun and the meaning of living life from our center. The spiral circles, the 7 circles of each of these structures, teach us that, passing the 7 qualities of light, we can always be on our own one. Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
What a privilege to be in this temple city of Machupicchu, where we enter to open ourselves to the spirit of this living crystal city. 

We will enter the site with our eyes closed, thus, we will use the spiritual eye to experience the Uku Pacha – underground world-, then the Hanac Pacha – upper world-, the presence of the etheric temple and then we will open our physical eyes to see, in this Kay Pacha –this world-, the city of the children of the Sun. We will visit the main sacred sites such as the temple of the elements, and other sites, as well.
Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
From the sacred valley we will go to the sacred lake Titikaka area, the birthplace of the Children of the Sun.

Along 430km (265 miles), we will follow the route of the masters, the Wiracocha’s route, the Tunupa’s route, the Andean avatars. Along the way, we will visit pre-Incan and Incan temples and we will connect our energy lines with places of power around the world. We will stay at the hotel Taypikala Lago, a redoubt of tranquility, which is strategically located on the shores of the sacred Titikaka, with all rooms facing the lake and sunrise.
Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
Inka Qamaña is the place to understand the importance of harmonizing our relationships. The visit of this pre-Inca and Inca site is so important since it invites us to use its 7 altars to harmonize our 7 relationships to learn whether we are indeed growing in love, whether we are growing spiritually or whether we are stagnant and having any of these 7 relations in disharmony (1: Below: Mother Earth; 2: Above: Father Sun; 3: Right: Blood Family; 4: Lefty: Neighbors; 5: Opposite: Past; 6: Back: Future; 7: Love, service and wisdom with yourself) that permit is to see if we are in disharmony.

After, we will walk towards the inter-dimensional door of Lord Aramu Muro, the house of the Sun, the house of Light, the house of Divinity. We will have individual practices and will experience what multidimensional is. Thus, we will walk following an energy line that connects the altar with the Door. We will observe monuments with different profiles of sacred animals in the Andes. And where the Ajayus (souls, spirits) are anchored.
Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
During this visit, in addition to visiting the famous islands, we will be on the waters of the sacred Titicaca, on the waters that are like amniotic fluid in the womb of the Mother Earth. Here, we will have a ceremony of gratitude for our lives – individual offering- and then, we will experience a dreaming ceremony, which consists on dreaming the new life that we wish to experience in this life, the new future, the new YOU. Later on, and after visiting the Uros floating, we will continue our voyage to get the Big Lake, then, in this open part, we can let the Light of Lake Titikaka nourish our soul. Here, the Light of this majestic cosmic pedestal makes clear, in our mind and in our hearts, the purpose of the soul.

In Taquile island, we will perform a ceremony on the fine sandy beaches to release those energies that do not belong to us, energies that do not come from love. For this ceremony, we will be barefoot, since the soles of our feet work as a receiving channel for the energies of these sacred waters. Also, we will have some walks to continue contemplating the beauty of this majestic lake Titicaca which is photogenic in all directions. In addition, we will learn about the living culture of the islanders and its lifestyle.

We will recognize the meaning of being the children of the Sun, since the sacred Titikaka is the birthplace of them. Connection with the temple of Illumination on the etheric plane of the lake sacred.
Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
Our visit to Sillustani is a visit to understand the eternal ray of light that each of us is. Understanding death allows us to experience life in greater depth. This initiatory cemetery temple allows us to assimilate the value of releasing the subjection of fears. 

In the temple of the Sun, we will have the initiation ceremony of the Solar Disk which means the initiation with the Inner Sun. After, we will visit this archaeological site. Overnight. (B, L, D)



Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning we will have some solar practices, the greeting to yourself and the assimilation of the different solar practices that we have experienced throughout the journey. 

Then, you will be transferred to the airport in Juliaca town to return home with a new concept of oneself, with a new concept of Life … THE JOURNEY CONTINUES! (B)


  • Arrival and departure transfer in Cusco and Puno.
  • 08 nights of accommodation in hotels + breakfast
  • FD Urco + Pisac and Ollantaytambo
  • FD Quillarumiyoc and Moray
  • FD Machu Picchu with mystic guide.
  • Trip from Urubamba to Puno.
  • HD Inka Qamaña + Amaru Muro
  • FD Uros + Taquile Island with mystic guide.
  • HD Sillustani
  • Food mentioned according to the itinerary.
  • Personalized assistance.

Not Included

  • Air tickets national and international
  • Travel insurance.
  • Extras.
  • Overweight in Luggage.
  • Tips.
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
  • Not specified meal
  • Personal charges
  • Other not specified


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